Task management made easier with ProjectHub.

A task management software for teams who insist on managing tasks & achieving goals easier, smarter, and faster.

Create tasks at one place

Create personal tasks or assign tasks to multiple people in one place. Break tasks into smaller and manageable subtasks. Add labels, set the start and due dates, set time estimates, track time spent, create recurring tasks, and attach files at one place using one task management software.

Assign tasks

Add task lists, subscribe to the entire tasklist, or assign its tasks to one or multiple people, ensuring a clear distribution of responsibilities in one place.

Create subtasks

Break tasks down into smaller and manageable subtasks and select the assignees to define who works on what part.

Add labels

Add a distinct context using custom labels to differentiate, prioritize, and organize tasks. Filter a list of all tasks under one label.

Set dates

Set a start and due date for tasks and make priorities clear with deadlines to ensure tasks are getting completed on time.

Set estimates

Set time estimates to define how much time it should take to complete a task. Get a clear indication if the time taken to complete tasks exceeds the estimated time.

Track time

Track time spent on tasks manually or using timers and save in timesheets from right where you are, all using one online task management software.

Create recurring tasks

Set a task to recur if it needs to be done on a regular basis so that you do not have to add it manually yet and again.

Attach files

Attach files and documents from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box to the tasks.

Proof files

Review files, proof them, collaborate, and approve them right where you are.

Control access and security

Define roles, create private task lists, and control access with lists available only to the assigned people. Restrict your account to only selected IP addresses.

Define custom roles

Create custom roles and assign them to the team members. Select what they get access to according to their responsibilities.

Create private task lists

Limit visibility of tasks only to the assigned people with private task lists. Keep information limited to specific people whenever you want.

IP restriction

Restrict your account access to only those IP addresses that you select, and avoid unauthorized access to keep your data secure.

Visualize and prioritize tasks

Choose Kanban board for a clear view of work in progress in a particular workflow. Manage dependencies between tasks using Gantt charts.

Table View

Manage all your tasks in one place and get the freedom to view your to-do list in a clear and concise way. Easily navigate through the task lists and filter data to arrange the work as needed.

Kanban boards

See work moving through multiple stages in Kanban board. Empower teams to self-manage with better understanding of workflows as they get notified of tasks moving from one stage to another.

Gantt charts

Use Gantt charts to visualize and plan tasks to stay on your schedule. Set dependencies between tasks and easily adjust your plans as work changes and deadlines shift.


Collaborate seamlessly

Add comments, feedback, and inputs seamlessly. @Mention people to grab their attention and loop them in whenever you need.

Communicate with comments

Share ideas, inputs or feedback adding comments on tasks and stay on the same page with your teams and clients.

@Mention people

Mention someone easily and quickly to address them, grab their attention or loop them in tasks.

Keep track of progress

Create custom reports and get bird’s eye view of overdue tasks, upcoming tasks, completed tasks, and logged hours.

Key features

Import tasks

mport tasks from CSV files and create tasks in ProjectHub without the need to start from scratch, making the most of ProjectHub’s task management tool.

Download task lists

Download task lists in CSV and keep a documented record to use whenever and however you want.

Email-in tasks

Use email-in to add tasks via email without having to log in to your ProjectHub account.

Create copies of task lists

Create a copy of task lists and tasks to reuse them without having to create them from scratch.

Navigation made easier

Add tasks lists to bookmarks to access the tasks you work on frequently from right where you are.

Task history

Keep a track of who created the tasks, when and who all made any changes to tasks right from the beginning in the task history.

Progress percentage

Mark progress percentage of tasks to get a clear picture of how much work has been done and how much is left.

Advanced search

Find what you’re looking for in tasks easily using relevant keywords and phrases with advanced search.

Bring your team and client discussions together and collaborate smartly using one collaboration platform.

Visualize and prioritize tasks

Choose Kanban board for a clear view of work in progress in a particular workflow. Manage dependencies between tasks using Gantt charts.

ProjectHub has all the right tools to help you manage work easier, faster, and smarter, all under one roof.

Like any other software, ProjectHub is only as good as the people who use it. Here, we have pulled together our best advice to help you make the most of the above task management tools. So, here is task management simplified for you.

What is task management?

To manage tasks going through various stages from beginning to end—discussed, assigned, defined a deadline, started, and completed—is task management. It’s clearly more than a to-do list and it certainly takes effort to manage tasks smartly.

Why manage tasks?

Projects are broken into smaller and manageable chunks called tasks. To manage a project and deliver the best work possible, one has to know how to manage these chunks.

ProjectHub has all the right tools to help you manage work easier, faster, and smarter, all under one roof.

Task management goes wrong when:

To avoid all of the above, you have to manage your tasks and know whatever is about to come next. Not only that, you have to manage your time to invest the right amount of it on tasks that are of the highest priority.

Using a task management software for work

For how long can you go around managing your task lists with a notebook and a pen? Sooner or later you will need to move tasks around. You may want to group them or prioritize them too. However, you’ll not be able to move them on paper without having to rewrite them.

Simple task lists can still be managed this way but what about the time you have to manage multiple projects along with managing a team? That’s when you can use a task management software for work. So,

Why do you need team task management software?

Keeping everyone on the same page is difficult. When tasks are not managed the right way, a lot of time is wasted organizing sticky notes, searching emails for task lists, not knowing what to do and when to do it, struggling with unorganized work structure and having meetings all over the place.

By now, you know you need to manage tasks and make the team responsibilities clear both at the same time. The question is how to manage tasks while keeping everyone on the team on the same page. That’s when you need one solution that will help you keep everyone on the team in the loop, let everyone prioritize tasks and know exactly who is supposed to do what and when so that everyone meets deadlines successfully.

What is a task management software?

A complete task management software with tools like Kanban boards, Gantt charts, Tasks, Workflows, and many more other tools, solves the problem here.

A task management software lets you control all of that and a lot more. It gives you flexibility and saves you from spending on a whole lot of tools to manage work and teams.

Benefits of task management software

From keeping everything under one roof to making collaboration clearer than ever, here are the benefits of a task management software:

Keep tasks in one place

A task management software helps you keep all tasks at one place and keep track of them to stay on schedule.

Prioritize your work

The custom workflows, Kanban boards, Gantt charts and time estimates help to plan which tasks are required to be done first.

Improve collaboration

You and your team will get to collaborate on tasks through comments, share files, and send direct messages whenever it is needed.

So, do you want to manage tasks successfully and:

Know which task management tools to use & when

From Kanban boards, Gantt charts, proofing tool, workflows, discussions, reports, notes, and request forms, which task management tool to use and when? Know it all here.

To create dedicated workspaces for projects

Use projects as your dedicated workspaces that have their own set of tasks, teams, clients, files, time data, plans, and discussions.

To add teams and clients

Create a copy of task lists and tasks to reuse them without having to create them from scratch.

To see work moving through defined workflow stages

Use Kanban boards to not only add tasks and assign them but also to see work moving through various stages as the team drags tasks across stages right there. Mark progress percentage on tasks making the most of ProjectHub’s task tracking software.

To assign, prioritize work, and make responsibilities clear

Add tasks and assign them to one or as many team members as you want. You can also manage tasks by breaking them into smaller and manageable subtasks which will turn team and task management simpler and smarter.

To make prioritization clear

Add labels to add a distinct context using custom labels to differentiate, prioritize, and organize tasks. They can be anything from ‘High priority’ to show urgency to ‘Designing’ to show it’s a part of the designing plan, etc.

To define and set deadlines

Set time estimates so that you give a clear idea about when a task needs to get done. Get notified whenever time logged on a task exceeds its estimated time. Set start and end dates of your choice and make deadlines clear, making task tracking smarter.

To adjust plans as work changes and deadlines shift

Use Gantt charts to plan and schedule the order in which you want to complete tasks and visualize them in a timeline view. Set dependencies among tasks and adjust plans by dragging them right there as deadlines shift or work changes.

To share updates and key communication

Have discussions with your team and your clients to share ideas or important updates in a dedicated space so that they don’t get derailed, unlike chats. Save yourself from going back and forth in lengthy email threads or losing information in chats.

To make review, proof, and feedback process simpler

Confusing feedback and delayed responses are a thing of the past when you use a proofing tool. A proofing tool helps you preview, review, proof, and share feedback on files – all in one place. Markup tools make annotating and adding clear and actionable feedback for specific regions even easier.

To have quick chats in a task management app or a browser

The chat tool will help you exchange quick Q&As and direct messages. To brainstorm ideas, you can also create chat groups that include the team members or even clients you want to chat with.

To keep notes the smarter way

There are times when you want to save project information, minutes of a meeting, or even jot down ideas to remember. You can organize all of these and more in notes. You can also collaborate over notes with your teams and clients.

To track time spent on tasks

Tracking time is necessary when you want answers to questions like: Where is the team’s time going? What are the billable hours of the project? Did anyone keep track of the time spent on a task? In ProjectHub, you can track time both manually or using a timer.

To keep track of project and team progress

Be it a project report or an individual’s report, you will need reports to use them to plan and schedule projects, to conduct performance reviews, or to manage teams.

To let the software remember your frequently visited items

To easily access the projects, tasks, notes, and files you frequently work on, you can always bookmark them and find them listed at one place.

To take work requests through a form

Do not let requests for work, support queries, or even tickets clutter your inbox and avoid missing any of them with requests submitted through a form and getting directly added to ProjectHub.

To make announcements and share important updates What better than having a dedicated space to

What better than having a dedicated space to make announcements? You can recognize a team’s achievements, give birthday wishes, wish on employees’ work anniversaries, congratulate on promotion, or share any important information at one dedicated place where anyone of your choice can access it and it doesn’t get lost in the bulk of information.

To jot down quick stuff and create personal checklists

Not having to switch tabs to open your sticky notes is a bliss. With the right software, you’ll have all the needed task management tools under one roof. You can use quickies as your personal sticky notes to jot down your quick stuff and create personal checklists.

" A task management software lets you manage dozens and hundreds of tasks easily with only a few clicks.

Why manage tasks with ProjectHub?

All the right tools for managers, teams, and clients put in one place

No need to invest in several tools

Plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects of all sizes

Get more work done easier, faster, and smarter

Now manage tasks the smarter and easier way with the right task management system.