Meet our awesome team

Wayne Cheers

IT Guru (Director)

[email protected]

As our IT Guru, Wayne has almost 30 years under his belt policing and investigating sensitive cybercrimes, all while leading and being part of many teams. Anyone who wants to make a project management software that is both highly functional and secure should go to Wayne.

Kelvin Holliday

Head Adventurer (Director)

Kel is passionate about developing unique productivity tools so business owners like you can unleash your awesome, which is why he created Project Hub. An award-winning leadership and productivity expert, Kel is also the author of three best-selling motivational books.

Ivy Aldridge

Customer Success Guru

In over eight years of establishing client relations, Ivy has been a team leader, event coordinator, and even business operations manager. She’s a natural challenge seeker, which explains her mastery in everything from project management to executive support.

Our team at Project Hub are dedicated experts in project management who share our company’s values and goals

We bring you and your business a top-of-the-line project management solution while supporting our team to unleash their own awesome effectively.